What is Stickymoose?

Stickymoose is a simple, free voting tool for making group decisions with your friends.
Stickymoose was built by three Belgian engineers, for people who like to organize their social life as efficiently as possible.
Why? Well, if you want to organize a social activity with your friends, you often need to agree on the what, when and where. For example, where are we going out next weekend? Or, which birthday present should we buy for our friend Tom?
Nowadays we use email and social media to share ideas and try to reach consensus. Unfortunately, that's just not efficient. Before you know it, your mailbox is flooded by a tsunami of replies-on-replies.
To get rid of these email tsunamis, we've built the voting tool Stickymoose. It allows you to put any question (what needs to be decided) online, invite your friends to share their ideas and vote on each other's ideas. It's a more efficient way to reach a decision. And because all participants in a Stickymoose can share their own ideas, Stickymoose is different from the traditional voting tools.
We hope you enjoy your Stickymoose experience!

A few typical Stickymoose examples

Here you will find some examples of how Stickymoose will make life easier for you and your decision-making friends.
Found your inspiration? Then go ahead and create your own Stickymoose! Did we mention that you don't need to register?

Stickymoose Features

  • All participants in a Stickymoose can share their ideas with each other. This makes Stickymoose different from the traditional voting tools.
  • A Stickymoose is very simple to create. Creating a basic Stickymoose only requires 3 clicks.
  • It's completely free, including all the cool options.
  • No registration required.
  • Stickymoose is a simple to use voting tool. Every participant gets a personalized Stickymoose page, so that he can always track which ideas are new for him and which ideas he has already voted on.
  • Last but not least, there are a few nice extra options to customize your Stickymoose and manage it during its lifetime:
    • Ask as many questions as you want in one Stickymoose.
    • Manage your Stickymoose by adding, adapting or deleting questions or ideas at any point in time.
    • Add a deadline.
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